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TAP was founded earlier this year with a simple but crucial mission: to raise awareness about the threat of militant Islam amongst the youth of our country. For it is they who will inherit this nation and the grave task of defending her people in this life and death struggle.

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Copies of "The Case For Israel: Democracy's Outpost" Still Available For StudentsJan 21, 2010

To reserve your copy and host a screening, contact Jeff at or 818-849-3470 ext 206. A summary of the film is provided here after the link.

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The Campus War Against Israel and the JewsAug 11, 2009

Today the Terrorism Awareness Project and Frontpage begin an investigative series about the individuals and organizations that are waging an all out war on American college campuses against Israel and the Jews.

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Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week IVJun 09, 2009

Coming October 2009. More details to come soon.

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Host Robert Spencer on your campus this Spring!Mar 02, 2009

Educate members of your campus community about "Stealth Jihad."

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Host Nonie Darwish on Your Campus this Spring!Jan 27, 2009

"Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law"

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