Defunding the Muslim Students Association


The first step in building a campus movement to defund the MSA is definitional—constantly reminding other students and your student government that this organization is fundamentally deceptive when it presents itself as a religious or cultural group representing all Muslims.
In fact, is it a partisan political group, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and  supportive of its jihad. It is part of the network the Muslim Brotherhood created to carry out its stealth jihad in America. This network includes the genocidal terrorist organization Hamas, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – four of whose executives have been convicted of terrorist activities --  the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Society of North America. The student scholarship fund created by the national Muslim Students Association for Muslim students is named after a prominent member of the Islamic Society of North America, Naziruddin Ali, who was called as a witness in the trial of terrorist, Sami al-Arian.
All of your efforts to defund the Muslim Students Association should refer back to these facts. You should emphasize, in your political conversations, petitions, and case-building, that we know about the covert jihadist mission of the Muslim Students Association as a result of documents seized by the FBI in 2007 as part of the government case against the subversive Holy Land Foundation. 
In these documents a Muslim Brotherhood statement makes clear the organization’s chief objective: “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within…”  According to the statement this objective will be achieved by the “stable organizations that are connected with our Movement and which fly in our orbit.”  Chief among the organizations to advance this cause in America, according to the document, is the Muslim Student Association.
Having established the fact that its DNA can be traced to the fountainhead of Islamo Fascism, you should focus on two reasons for defunding the Muslim Students Association:
1) The MSA’s insidious misrepresentation of its true identity and agendas. It receives student money under the pretense that it is a religious organization, but is in fact a partisan political organization hostile to the United States, Jews, women and gays, and is a supporter of the Islamic jihad against the West.
 2) The MSA’s hostility to free speech on campus, manifest in its obstruction of invited speakers and attempts to intimidate the campus press from reporting criticism of its activities;
1.      The MSA Misrepresents Its True Nature and Agenda
The MSA takes advantage of the current emphasis on multiculturalism to posture as a religious or cultural organization whose “traditions,” however exotic they may sometimes seem, must be respected.  This notion, in fact, is the basis for the MSA’s appeal to university administrators and student governments for funding in the first place.  However, the MSA is nothing like Hillel, the Newman Club, or other such groups. It is a hardcore political organization committed to the ideas and the ultimate victory of radical Islam, including the genocidal terrorist agendas of Hamas and Hizbollah. (If it is not, it has every opportunity to condemn them – which its leaders have continually refused to do.)
In calling for the defunding of the MSA, you should stress that while this organization claims to speak for all Muslim students, it in fact speaks for radical Islamic agendas and marginalizes moderate Muslim students and student groups.
Please use these criteria to evaluate the Muslim Students Association or related organization on your own campus and let us know the results.
2.      The MSA Attacks Free Speech
The First Amendment protects the expression of ideas including the expression of ideas that are hateful. We do not call for the defunding of MSA on the grounds that it expresses hateful views. These views can be combated by other ideas. However, the MSA often has no compunction about violating university rules by tearing down flyers for other groups’ events (as happened at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), and by obstructing speeches (as happened at UWM, at UC Irvine, and other campuses). Violations of university rules are grounds for defunding officially recognized and supported campus groups.
When speakers such as Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and Nonie Darwish appear on campus, sometimes ineffectual campus police must be supplemented by private security to guarantee their safety.  Even so, appearances by these speakers and others often dissolve into chaos as a result of MSA demonstrations. This is an effective suppression of free speech on campus, and university funds should not be used to support it.

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