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The Terrorism Awareness Project has completed our third Islamo Fascism Awareness Week, October 13-17, with 79 universities across America participating. Several international universities have also reached out to us, including campuses as far as the UK.

Our two previous IFA Weeks included demonstrations that involved thousands of college students, and it became evident how deeply embedded pro-Islamist Muslim student groups had become and how influential they were in making sure there was no meaningful dialogue on the War on Terror in our universities.  Therefore, the Terrorism Awareness Project decided to focus Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III on how to “Stop the Jihad on Campus.”  In particular, we wanted to educate others about danger represented by the growing power of the Muslim Student Association, a group which, as documents captured by the FBI have shown, is part of a network of “front groups” established in this county two decades ago by the Muslim Brotherhood (godfather organization to al Qaeda) to wage a “stealth jihad” of subversion against American institutions paralleling the armed jihad it was waging against American troops abroad.

The Terrorism Awareness Project worked with the Young America’s Foundation, the Leadership Institute, the Ayn Rand Institute, and other groups that would use their campus chapters to help spread the word about Islamo Fascism. In addition, a group called the Florida Security Council donated ten thousand DVDs of the highly praised anti-jihad documentary “Obsession” we could give our student leaders to distribute as part of IFA Week III.
Our project distributed useful education materials to students. Included in our student packets were pamphlets about the “The Muslim Students Association and the Jihad Network” which showed how the MSA, hiding behind the protective coloration of “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” deceptively postured as a religious/cultural organization on campus while promoting a hardcore radical political message based on hatred of Israel and America.  This ideology of hate was bolstered by speakers the MSA brought to campus such as Sheikh Khalid Yasin, who claimed that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job” and called for death to all homosexuals.

In addition to pamphlets, the Terrorism Awareness Project placed ads in college newspapers across the country directly challenging the MSA and other radical campus groups to sign a petition condemning the “Hadith of Hate” in Muslim holy writ which calls for the murder of Jews. We had one notable success.  Working in collaboration with the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, we convinced the provost of the University of Southern California to order the USC branch of the MSA to remove this hadith from its campus-sponsored website.  But otherwise all MSA chapters defiantly refused to condemn this call to genocide.

Despite the fact that many students were concentrating on the approaching national elections, Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III had a dramatic impact on the 79 campuses that participated. As in prior IFA events, the Freedom Center’s speakers—Dick Morris, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, and David Horowitz—met with some bruising receptions and experienced the campus bias against free speech that happens not to be politically correct speech.

This was certainly the case with the appearance of the Freedom Center’s Robert Spencer, an established expert on the jihad, at Penn State on October 14.  Robert experienced the harassment and intimidation the campus left always uses to silence critics, a reception that contrasted strongly with an earlier appearance by the hate-spewing Sheikh Yasin, who had been greeted with respectful attention from the Penn State community.  Members of the MSA disrupted Robert’s talk, shouted that he was a “racist,” and attempted to lead walkouts from the auditorium with one man standing up and screaming, “I’m a terrorist!  Arrest me!”  As the event came to an end, one of the conservative students who had sponsored Robert’s appearance was threatened by a member of the Muslim Student Association who told him, “You’d better walk a narrow line.”

Some variation of this hostility marked appearances by Daniel Pipes at Washington University, St. Louis; Wafa Sultan’s speech at UC Irvine (Wafa, a former Muslim, is always a special target of the left because she was shocked into secularism by atrocities committed by Islamic extremists);  and Nonie Darwish at George Washington University.  Angela Davis or Ward Churchill receive $25,000 speakers’ fees without having to worry about security because the conservative students who find their politics abhorrent nonetheless respect their right to express their opinions.

The Freedom Center is designing events for major IFA weeks in the spring and fall which will involve 150 universities and colleges across the country. We are also planning a permanent, year round campaign that will make awareness of the terrorist threat a constant theme of campus political life.


Phase 2 of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week has come to a close.  Here are some reports from the field from this past week:

-  Robert Spencer spoke at North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of Scranton, and Stonybrook University.  He has been reporting on his experiences over at JihadWatch.org.  Click on each of the links below to read his reports:
o       UNC-CH: Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind

o       University of Scranton: The silent treatment

o       SUNY Stonybrook: Manufactured Outrage 
-  David Horowitz Spoke at the University of Texas-Arlington and Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  Here are some details from those events:
o       At UT-Arlington, David addressed crowed of 150 students and community members.  According to a student at the event, executive Director of the Dallas chapter of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) claimed during the Q&A period that Hezbollah has never killed an innocent Jew.

o       At Lehigh University students from a “progressive” organization walked into the speech with 10 minutes remaining and asked a series of ridiculous questions, to which David calmly responded and exposed their ignorance on the issue of Islamo-fascism. 

o       The MSAs of UT-Arlington and Lehigh refused to refute the genocidal Hadith or condemn Hamas, and both newspapers sided with censorship and refused to publish our advertisement.
-  Daniel Pipes spoke at Washington University in St. Louis.  A crowd of protestors gathered outside, consisting of The Washington University Peace Coalition, Pride Alliance, College Democrats, Amnesty International, Students for a Democratic Society, Safe Zones and the Muslim Students Association.  All decided to protest in the name of peace and equality but didn’t care to actually listen to Dr. Pipes’ speech.  Nonetheless, Dr. Pipes spoke to a crowd of over 100, and those who listened walked away impressed by his depth of knowledge and even-handed approach.

Next week, Robert Spencer will be traveling to SUNY Binghamton and East Tennessee State University, and Dr. Andrew Bostom will be speaking at USC.  Our event there is being co-sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the ZOA, and the Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Los Angeles.


The Campus Jihad: A Change of Tactics?

By Robert Spencer

FrontPageMagazine.com | Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last week I spoke at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and since then I have spoken at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Scranton, and it appears from what happened at all three places that the campus Left and its jihadist allies have shifted their tactics.

The security arrangements that the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee had in place for my talk were extensive. I had a meeting before my talk with the very courteous, knowledgeable and efficient security chief for the university, who explained to me the measures they had in place, including placing a large number of security personnel at various points all over the hall, and having everyone who entered the venue pass through a metal detector. Everyone who entered also had to have a ticket. On one side the ticket said, “Robert Spencer Lecture, October 16, 2008, 7:30PM. Tickets do not guarantee entry. All patrons must pass thru security screening for entry.” On the other side were printed “Audience Behavior Guidelines.” These included: “Audience Members Must Remain Seated...No Sticks or Standards...Noise levels that impede the program’s progress or the audience’s ability to hear shall not be permitted....Objects may not be thrown: The throwing of any objects will not be tolerated” and “Force or Violence Notification: Behavior that infringes on the safety of others or endangers university property shall not be permitted.

The Rushdiean security precautions and these warnings were all necessary because of the fascist tactics of trying to intimidate and shout down opponents that students and others at UWM have employed in the past against speakers such as David Horowitz and Walid Shoebat. It also became necessary after the MSA published a highly defamatory advertisement about me in the student paper the week before I went to the campus -- apparently free of charge (our ad was headed “Paid Advertisement,” while the MSA’s hit piece, which was the same size as our ad, is headed “Advertisement.”) It is also noteworthy that the paper required evidence for the truth of every assertion we made in our ad, or they would not print it -- we happily complied, but clearly the MSA was not asked for any evidence for their wild assertions, or their ad never would have appeared.

University officials appeared determined not to witness a reprise of the fascist thuggery that the Left and the apologists for Islamic terror employed before, and I commend them for that. The student group was also well organized and determined in the face of enormous opposition, and I am in awe of these students who live day in and day out in these hostile environments and maintain their hope and determination to fight for what is right.

And ultimately the clear signs that fascist intimidation was not going to succeed this time paid off: the crowd stayed quiet all through my talk, I didn’t even see any protest signs, and even the question period was generally a fruitful discussion rather than a series of hostile and arrogant counter-lectures (although there were a few attempts at those). This was rather surprising given the fact that some MSA members had told students who organized the event that they were planning to disrupt it. In North Carolina Monday evening, there were no hostile students at the lecture at all, or if there were, they said nothing the entire night; in Scranton on Tuesday, while several students rolled their eyes and smiled mockingly at many points during my talk, none of them ventured even to ask me a question.

All this does not, however, turn out to result from a newfound respect for freedom of speech and civil discourse. Rather, it is just a change of tactics, akin to the shift represented by the movement from the riots over the cartoons of Muhammad to the UN anti-free speech initiatives after the film Fitna. It appears to be a decision to pursue the stealth jihad rather than open confrontation. In this case, you can call it the YouTube Effect. The jihadists, their allies, and their dupes have realized how bad they look when they try to intimidate and shout down anti-jihadists. Evidence comes from an email circulated this week by the Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of California at Berkeley:

Dear SJP members,

In the next few weeks, other campus organizations will be sponsoring vitriolic anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian speakers, including Daniel Pipes and Walid Shoebat.

While we are deeply offended by the racist logic and arguments that these speakers present, we would like to emphasize that disruptions are not a productive use of time. If you feel pressed to attend one of these events, please do so, but do so in a manner that is respectful of student organizers who have spent their time putting these events together, and also other audience members who do want to hear the speakers.

If the fact that these people are so blatant with their racism makes you angry, then you have every right to feel that way, but consider writing an op-ed, Facebook note, blog post, starting a Facebook group, or coming to the next SJP meeting instead, as a constructive alternative. The time to make opposing arguments is during question and answer sessions, and by setting up alternative events or passing out flyers-- not by creating loud disruptions or preventing the speakers from talking.

Thanks to those who attended our successful event tonight with Professors Norman Finkelstein and John Dugard. During the event, members of another student organization loudly and rudely disrupted the speakers and began to yell obscenities at them. You can see the video here.

The video speaks for itself, but let it also serve as a reminder to all of us in our activism: before you do anything, imagine what it might feel like to see yourself doing it on YouTube first. If it still seems like a good idea, go for it. But if you’re going to look like a moron, try not to.

They may also have figured out that when they act like fascist thugs, their behavior becomes national news -- David Horowitz was on FoxNews last year talking about the treatment he received at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee -- but when they behave in a reasonably civilized manner, the anti-jihad message doesn’t get on Fox or anywhere else beyond the people who were in the hall.

Nevertheless, this strategy has a downside: the people who are present can see for themselves that their slander and propaganda is...slander and propaganda. Witness these comments by one student who attended my talk in Madison and sharply disagrees with me:

I went with a feeling of apprehension and expectations of a repetition of last year’s charade during David Horowitz’s lecture. And I have to admit I was wrong. Spencer was very respectful in his speech, he laid out his case without attacking anyone, and he even thanked the audience for not interrupting his speech. I personally had a brief exchange with him during the Q-and-A session which was very calm and respectful. And for that, I thank him.

And here is another from a student in Milwaukee:

[...] I would like to tell you that just as our university did not live up to the rumors you had heard, you did not live up to your reputation of being a crazy, muslim-hater. I was very nervous to hear you speak, and was afraid that I would be hearing more of the same hate. All of your points were well-spoken, well-researched, and quite frankly I do not see the controversy of it. [...] I think that what you are doing is very great, you are drawing attention to a problem in the face of opposition and I hope to do the same with my life. I would like to say that yesterday before the lecture I expected you to be more of the same, but I have to say that you are the closest thing I’ve found to someone I can call a role-model. Thank you for influencing me, you will be someone that I will look up to for a long time to come.

That’s the beauty of free speech. When these talks are not disrupted, people of good will inevitably will see the truth -- which is just what the jihadists and their allies do not want.

Thus as long as we can protect the freedom of speech, the jihadists and Islamic supremacists will lose. They are in a lose-lose situation: if they shout me down, they’re exposed as the fascists they are. But if they let me speak, people will begin to see through them. The truth will come out either way.

Robert Spencer is a scholar of Islamic history, theology, and law and the director of Jihad Watch. He is the author of seven books, eight monographs, and hundreds of articles about jihad and Islamic terrorism, including the New York Times Bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His next book, Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs, is coming this November from Regnery Publishing.

Vanquishing the Enemy

By Perry Stein

StudentLife.com | Thursday, October 23, 2008

Prominent conservative activist and Middle East expert Daniel Pipes took the podium last night in front of an audience of more than 50 people inside the Laboratory Sciences Building with a speech titled “Vanquishing the Islamist Enemy and Helping the Moderate Muslim Ally.”

Pipes’ views on the threat of Islamism—or the view that Islam is not only a religion but also a political ideology—have been met with controversy from people across the political spectrum.

According to sophomore Caleb Posner, the events manager for the Conservative Leadership Association, which hosted the speech, Pipes’ words are always truthful.

“What he says is 100 percent grounded in fact and is the product of incredible scholarship,” Posner said. “However, what he says is often politically incorrect at times.”

Pipes’ address centered on what he believes is the immediate need to confront radical Islam before it significantly impacts Western democracy and the Western way of life.

Pipes quickly made the distinction that not all Muslims are Islamists and that to classify all as such would be erroneous. He later did state, however, that based on his research and surveys, one in every eight Muslims worldwide is an Islamist, equaling about 150 million Islamists.

“It is an enormous mistake to say that all Muslims are terrorists,” Pipes said. “One in eight Muslims seeks application in its totality of Islamic law.”

Pipes frequently compared the scope of danger of radical Islam to that of communism and fascism. Although Islamists have no official state, Islamism has a larger following than communism and fascism and an evolving ideology.

“It is the third great ideological movement of our time,” he said. “They [Islamists] have shown in a way that communism and fascism have been unable to; they have shown an ability to evolve.”

According to Pipes, there are two options for defeating the threat of radical Islam—cooperation or confrontation.

“The problem is that we can’t address their grievances because they seek to change who we are. Confrontation is the inevitable path,” he said. “We have to win using all the methods at our disposal.”

In order to defeat this ideology, Pipes said, the moderate Muslims will have to play an important role by offering alternatives to Islamists and showing that radical Islam is a failed ideology.

“It is Muslims who will provide the solution to this problem eventually,” Pipes said.

Pipes’ visit was funded by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the Leadership Institute at a cost that Posner would not disclose because it was a negotiated price. Part of the contract stipulated that Pipes must be provided with a bodyguard during his stay in St. Louis.

“It would have cost considerably less than Karl Rove, and we did not seek funds from the school,” Posner said.

Not everyone on campus welcomed Pipes’ visit. The Washington University Peace Coalition, Pride Alliance, College Democrats, Amnesty International, Students for a Democratic Society, Safe Zones and the Muslim Students Association all participated in a vigil-style protest outside Lab Sciences during Pipes’ speech.

“I’m protesting because the man speaking is perpetuating a general misconception about Muslims,” freshman Ali Karamustafa, a Muslim and Safe Zones member, said.

With the theme “Stop Hate,” the protests kept a somber tone to show respect for the gravity of the issue, according to junior Becky Hufstader, vice president of the College Democrats and a member of the Peace Coalition.

“He preaches hate and fear as a way of reaching political ends. His major message is about the dangers of Islam and we just feel that that is really inflammatory and necessary,” Hufstader said. “Our goal isn’t to antagonize him so much as to educate the people who may be attending the event.”

Posner, however, said that it is not beneficial, and even hypocritical to their causes, for certain student groups to protest Pipes, because one of Pipes’ main goals is to help the moderate Muslims who are “silenced by the threat of violence.”

“Dr. Pipes at no point decrees all or even most Muslims as radicals or terrorists,” Posner said. “If the Muslim Students Association wished to claim that Islam is a religion of peace and that they are a group of moderate interpretation of their faith, then it would behoove themselves to align themselves with Dr. Pipes.”

In response to Pride Alliance’s participation in the protests, Posner said that Sharia—the legal code that Islamists support—seeks the death penalty for homosexuals.

Junior Audrey King, co-president of Pride Alliance, said that members of the group came out to protest because they have been used as a wedge issue before.

“It’s really important to have a coalition effort with other people who experience the same kind of discrimination,” King said.

Junior Joel Wood, a prior service Marine, attended the speech and said that Pipes is not actually a radical thinker and that he provides a “pretty even-keeled approach.”

“It really echoed what I saw in Iraq,” Wood said. “The few extremists tend to make a bad name for the mass of moderates.”

Before the speech at 9 p.m., Wood and four other students had the opportunity to talk with Pipes over dinner at Ibby’s Bistro in the Danforth University Center.

According to Wood, Pipes said that although his life has never been seriously threatened, he is constantly protected by a bodyguard and places himself in danger to deliver his message.

“[This] points to how serious and how touchy the subject is,” Wood said.

After the speech, there was an open question-and-answer session in which students asked more specific questions or tried to challenge Pipes’ stance.

Pipes was unrelenting in his responses and said the rise of Islamists is an unparalleled phenomenon that needs to be defeated.

“I don’t see this radical Islam as parallel to anything in Christianity, Judaism or any other religion,” he said. “Ultimately, it is a battle of civilization versus barbarism like it was with communism and fascism. Will we be free or will we be slaves?”

—With additional reporting by Michelle Merlin

Lecturer to link national student group to radical Islam

By Chris Knight

The Brown and White | Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Muslim Student Association, a national religious organization, is connected to radical groups that want to destroy the West, says an author who will be lecturing at Lehigh Thursday.

David Horowitz, whose lecture is sponsored in part by the Lehigh Patriot, said that although the majority of students in the Muslim Student Association, which has a chapter at Lehigh, have joined under the assumption that it is a cultural or religious group, the national organization "is connected to the jihad network."

"Our complaint is that they are tied to organizations that want to destroy the West and are part of the jihads," Horowitz said in an interview Wednesday.

Horowitz, who says he does not hold anti-Muslim views, cited several incidents in which he says individual chapters of the Muslims Student Association repeated or posted texts of an Islamic text called Hadith, which he says calls for the killing of Jewish people, among other connections to terrorist organizations.

Horowitz has circulated a statement condemning the acts of Hamas and Hezbollah to about 100 Muslim Student Association chapters over the last two years, of which he said none have signed.

Interviews conducted with current members, advisors and professors familiar with Lehigh's Muslim Student Association, however, paints a different picture.

"Muslim students on campus have always offered welcoming interactive and educational programming open to all students, faculty and staff," said Bill Hunter, director of the Global Union and adviser to the Muslim Student Association. "They have done some wonderful programs."

Hunter said he thinks Lehigh students are smart enough to recognize radical viewpoints, but was concerned that speakers may try to create a riff between students that does not exist.

Muslim Student Association member Jafar Hussain, '11, said he plans to attend the lecture, but hopes to challenge Horowitz on his characterization of the Muslim Student Association and of the Islamic faith.

"Horowitz has as much of a right to share his beliefs and his views as does anyone else. The issue we have is that we just don't see eye-to-eye on these issues," Hussain said. "I feel like what he does on college campuses adds fuel to the fire and it doesn't create solutions."

Hussain, who was born in Canada and whose mother and father both emigrated from Pakistan, said his faith has shaped the way he sees the world, but welcomed viewpoints that challenge his beliefs as educational. His parents now live in Pennsylvania.

Lehigh Patriot co-editor Trevor Drummond said they chose Horowitz because he is in align with the Patriot's free and open discourse of ideas. Drummond is also the communications officer for the College Republicans, which has been publicizing the event for Paint the Campus Red week.

"His message was most in line with that of the Patriot, and that is to promote a healthy and intellectual discourse on campus," Drummond said.

Drummond defended Horowitz's representation of the Muslim Student Association as substantiated because it is based on research done by Horowitz's group, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, although he did not believe it applied specifically to Lehigh.

Drummond said they were most interested in Horowitz's work as it applied to academic freedom in college, which he believes is predominantly liberal. He said they hope people will leave "if not in support of what we believe, thinking about what we believe and asking more questions about what we believe."

The College Republicans screened a film Wednesday night about radical Islam.

University Chaplain Lloyd Steffen, who has worked with Lehigh's Muslim Student Alliance, said Horowitz is distorting information about Muslims for political reasons, but thought his lecture could serve as an educational experience for attendees.

"Horowitz and folks like him - you can find them on the right and the left - I'm not sure that people who take extreme views are really interested in informed conversation," Steffen said.

This is not Horowitz's first time to speak at Lehigh. He spoke previously spoke in 2005 to discuss academic freedom.

Steffen said Horowitz's new work on the Muslim Student Association is strange.

"This business about them being associated in some way with terrorists activities is a bizarre case to make," Steffen said. "We're very grateful to have [the Muslim Student Association] at Lehigh."

Horowitz to MSA: denounce terrorism

By Jason Boyd

The Shorthorn | Tuesday, 21 October 2008

David Horowitz spoke to a mild crowd compared to some of his previous stops Tuesday evening at the Lone Star Auditorium, but had a few dissenters from the audience during a question and answer session.

In his lecture, Horowitz associated the Muslim Student Association to terrorism, because Muslim Brotherhood members founded the group.

“This is a stealth Jihad,” he said.

He called on MSA members and Muslims to publicly denounce terrorist actions, as he said he’s done across the country.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” said Mustafaa Carroll, Council on America-Islamic Relations’ Dallas-Fort Worth chapter executive director. He said there were condemnations by more than 600 Muslim groups after Sept. 11. “And I was one of them,” Carroll said.

Carroll said Horowitz shouldn’t expect Muslims to agree with him under what he said was direct attack.

“You spent the last hour or so acting like Muslims had tails,” he said. Carroll added that the way Horowitz asked Muslims to denounce terrorists, after giving a speech about Muslim atrocities, was unfair.

“It’s like saying ‘When did you stop beating your wife?’ ” he said.

MSA UTA chapter president Azim Ansari said the facts were not true. Horowitz quoted a Muslim Hadith that calls for all Muslims to hunt out Jews and kill them. Ansari said the Hadith is a nonauthentic Hadith that is not verifiable by sources.

The overall tone of Horowitz’s speech was objectionable, said Bilal Khan, MSA UTA chapter vice president. “His overall lecture was just bashing Islam,” he said.

Business management lecturer David Mosby said he spent three years in the Middle East and encountered hundreds of Muslims.

“I didn’t hear one untruth coming out of Mr. Horowitz,” he said.

He said it’s not Islam’s fault. “It’s not the religion, it’s the people that mess it up,” he said.

Horowitz defended himself against some audience members who said he was lumping all Muslims together.

“I’m the one who says that hate is not representative of Muslims,” he said.

After the lecture, Horowitz thought the event went well, mainly because the crowd behaved. In the past, Horowitz had hecklers and protestors. The Young Conservatives of Texas hosted the event.

“Every eye we can open is a success,” said Jason Jordan, American Defense director and publications director. Several audience members clapped both for and against Horowitz’s views during the lecture.

Interdisciplinary studies junior Roy Pegues said he is politically independent but after the speech he would lean towards Horowitz on this matter. “I thought it was very informing,” he said.

College Repubs. Question MSA’s Legitimacy

By Ross Nolan

Daily Nexus | Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was very surprised to read Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Nexus and see that not only did David Horowitz publish an advertisement for his third Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, but that the Nexus printed an entire article apologizing for it in the News section.

I was further surprised to find that in their apology, they contacted the Muslim Student Association for comment, yet they did not contact the College Republicans — the group that has participated in IFAW in the past and that invited Mr. Horowitz to speak on campus last spring. I would think that if the Nexus wanted to give the affected groups the opportunity to comment, they should contact all of them, not just the ones with which they politically agree.

The fact is that the College Republicans were planning on participating in IFAW this week. Actually, they were among the first groups in the country to sign up, and two of their members helped plan the week. We eventually canceled the event when our speaker for the week was forced to cancel at the last minute. We will be rescheduling this event for some time after the election, so stay tuned.

There is one other issue that I would like to discuss. The MSA was quick to say that this advertisement is not representative of their organization. I have had conversations with members of this group in the past, and they have assured me that they are a purely cultural group. I have attended several of their cultural events in the past.

Just last spring, they had a Middle Eastern Fair where they gave out free Middle Eastern food in Storke Plaza. The food was delicious, and I think this event reflected very well on the group as a whole. However, they have, as Mr. Horowitz claimed, lost a large amount of credibility by moving away from the cultural aspects of the club and taking on radical political issues. Also, last spring, during Israel Independence Day, the MSA took part in “al-Nakba,” calling the creation of the state of Israel a “catastrophe.”

Furthermore, at Mr. Horowitz’s speech last quarter, he gave members of the MSA the opportunity to publicly denounce Hamas and Hezbollah. Both of these are radical, genocidal terrorist groups. Unfortunately, they refused. Now, I can understand the MSA not wanting to denounce anything at Mr. Horowitz’s asking. For me, however, I don’t care if it is David Horowitz, Michael Moore, George Bush or Osama bin Laden himself asking me; I will denounce radical Christians who bomb abortion clinics anywhere, because what is right is right no matter what the context, and the fact that I am a Christian myself changes nothing. Why the MSA refuses to follow suit is beyond me. If they want to legitimately be seen as a cultural organization, they need to drop the radical politics and speak out against terrorism of all types, including Hamas and Hezbollah.

Now it appears that the MSA will be having a panel series calling Horowitz (and possibly me) a racist. I want the socially aware students at this school to go to these panels. See how much of the discussion is ad hominem attacks (look it up) and whether or not they actually take on real issues. If they want us to take them seriously, they must first denounce terrorism in all forms no matter who is perpetuating it. If they don’t, that means that Horowitz was right all along.

Ross Nolan is a fourth-year political science major.

Penn State: Stick to Football

By Robert Spencer

FrontPageMagazine.com | Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I spoke Tuesday night at Penn State, kicking off the David Horowitz Freedom Center's Stop the Jihad On Campus week that will take me tomorrow to the University of Wisconsin at Madison, then to the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and next week to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where I hope to say hello to Carl and Omid) and to points beyond: SUNY at Stonybrook and Binghamton, and maybe even a few other universities as well.

Courageous members of the Young America's Foundation chapter at Penn State sponsored my talk there tonight. Courageous? Certainly. Not only do they have to deal with ostracism, ridicule, and abuse on a more or less regular basis, but tonight one of the attendees at my talk told the YAF student organizer that he better be careful to "walk a narrow line."

I know a threat when I hear one. That such threats, however veiled, would be uttered in an American university in 2008, does not reflect well on Penn State, or on the state of higher education today in general, or on the health of the social contract of civility that used to be taken for granted. But that has been breaking down for a long time now.

In my remarks tonight I delineated the Muslim Brotherhood's "grand jihad" aimed at "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within" so that "Allah's religion is made victorious over other religions," explained the Islamic supremacist statements that many Muslim leaders and spokesmen in America have made, and detailed how this "grand jihad" is proceeding.

I made it clear at the beginning of my talk that this was a program being pursued by some Muslims, not by all, but this became a point of contention throughout the evening. One woman showed up in the middle of the talk and didn't wait for the question period to begin berating me, and talking over my answers to her questions. Another man started shouting, "I'm a terrorist! Arrest me!" -- brushing aside what I said about defending the equality of rights of all people before the law and the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, as well as what I said about the plain fact that many Muslims are not on board with this supremacist program. This aggressive willful ignorance climaxed in the question from a gentleman who insisted that I was saying that all Muslims were terrorists. When I pointed out to him that I had explained just the opposite at some length, he began to excoriate me repeatedly for denying him his freedom of speech after I had spoken about defending free speech (I had explained the attempts by the Organization of the Islamic Conference to destroy this freedom), and finally walked out ostentatiously, to applause from his allies. They did not seem at all impressed by the fact that he was manifestly claiming that I had said something I had not said -- that all Muslims are actively involved in the Islamic supremacist effort.

But when truth is not interesting or useful, for all too many people nowadays it must fall by the wayside in favor of myths that have the advantage of serving one's agenda. The Muslims and their allies in the audience acted according to the tried-and-true playbook: they affected wounded indignation that I would suggest that any Muslims are pursuing jihad violence and Islamic supremacism, as if I made up the fact; challenged my credentials, as if my lacking a Ph.D. means that the Brotherhood is not engaged in what it describes in its own words as a "grand Jihad" to destroy Western civilization; accused me of ignorance and of dishonesty, although without refuting a single specific point I made; and claimed victim status, as if to discuss the reality of the Islamic supremacist agenda puts them all in imminent danger from redneck vigilantes; and accused me of "hate" and "bigotry," as if the Poles and Czechs only imagined Hitler out of their fanatical hatred for all things German.

It's a strategy I have seen again and again, and I am sure I will see it tomorrow and Thursday at the two UWM campuses as well. These groups wouldn't say these things if they didn't work, although they actually do nothing to establish that there isn't an effort to bring Islamic law to the West. In any case, it doesn't speak well of the intellectual environment at Penn State or anywhere else that students can get away with actual threats, and with trying to shout down a speaker with canned propaganda instead of engaging in actual dialogue. The atmosphere on campuses today is very closed and the ideological conformity is strictly enforced -- and that's why my hat is off to the Penn State students who dared to buck the ideological straitjacket and have me come in to speak. I doubt that anyone of good will could come away from that discussion thinking that the MSA apologists had a case, after they behaved so thuggishly and boorishly. Maybe, just maybe, a few cages were rattled Tuesday night.

Robert Spencer is a scholar of Islamic history, theology, and law and the director of Jihad Watch. He is the author of seven books, eight monographs, and hundreds of articles about jihad and Islamic terrorism, including the New York Times Bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His next book, Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs, is coming this November from Regnery Publishing.

Stifling Debate at Eastern Tennessee State

By Terrorism Awareness Project | Tuesday, October 14,2008

When East Tennessee State University (ETSU) grad student Sean Rife tried to bring author Robert Spencer to campus for Islamo Fascism Week III, he wasn’t looking to start a fight. As the president of ETSU’s Society for Intellectual Diversity (SID), a non-partisan student group that champions free debate and academic freedom, Rife was just looking to stir discussion about a subject, Islamic terrorism, which increasingly has come to dominate Americans’ concerns. But a fight – and a lesson in politically correct bullying – is exactly what he got.

It began when Rife presented his request to the school’s Student Government Association. Like any other student, Rifled filled out the required paperwork, and submitted a funding request to a student government committee. Then, on Monday, he went before the committee to discuss his request – and that’s when the trouble started.

First off, Rife was required by a student representative to defend the request. He pointed out that the idea was not to cause offense but to have a reasoned debate. As the author of several well regarded books on the subject of Islam, moreover, Spencer was more than qualified to lead a discussion under the title “Is Islam a religion of peace?” Rife further noted that his organization’s faculty sponsor, Paul Kamolnick, an associate professor in the department of sociology and anthropology, had written a letter to Taneem Aziz, the leader of an Islamic community center in neighboring Johnson City, Tennessee, inviting him to attend Spencer’s talk and present his own views. So far from ostracizing Muslims, the idea was to include them in the discussion.

None of this made a difference to the student government committee. Rife’s request to host Spencer was officially rejected. But he was taken a back at the reason for the rejection: “due to the controversial issues that [David] Horowitz’s society condones is degrading Muslims.” Spencer’s name was hardly even mentioned, nor was there any evidence given of Horowitz allegedly anti-Muslim views.

Rife’s knows politics were at play. While East Tennessee is not ruled by the sort of far left political culture that characterizes schools like UC Berkeley, it does share something in common with such bastions of political correctness: the speakers invited to the school are almost without exception from the political Left. In the past several years, the school has hosted such far-Left activists as actors Felix Justice and Danny Glover, the latter an outspoken supporter of Cuba’s dictatorial regime; radical education activist Jonathan Kozol; and black-power filmmaker Spike Lee. Just last week, the school hosted self-described “sex and relationship educators” Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot, who delivered an instructional lecture titled “I Heart Female Orgasm.”

Rife doesn’t want East Tennessee students to lose the opportunity to hear about the dangers of Islamo Fascism.  He intends to bypass the student government and file a formal appeal with the administration to have Robert Spencer’s speech approved. But he knows the odds he faces. “As long as I’ve been here there has been no major discussion related to Islamic terrorism,” he says. If the student government’s censors have their way, that won’t change anytime soon.

Stop the Jihad on Campus Controversy at UC Santa Barbara

The following article, presented here in condensed form, appeared in UC Santa Barbara’s school paper on October 14, 2008.

Horowitz Ad Denounces Jihad

By Benjamin Gottlieb

Daily Nexus | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The David Horowitz Freedom Center has placed another ad linking the Muslim Student Association to terrorist networks in today’s issue of the Daily Nexus.

Appearing on page three, the advertisement - “Stop the Jihad On College Campuses” - claims the Muslim Student Association recruits and supports speakers who “are calling for the execution of gays, the killing of Jews and support the terrorist jihad against America.” The ad appears as part of an effort to publicize the third “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” sponsored by the Freedom Center.

In a special meeting called to preempt the advertisement, the MSA executive board collectively agreed the ad’s contents were unfounded and not representative of the MSA at UCSB.

MSA Graduate Student Representative Elliott Bazzano called the advertisement an example of inflammatory speech that unfairly attacks UCSB’s Muslim student population….

David Horowitz - an occasional Fox News analyst and founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center - has placed numerous ads in university newspapers across the nation condemning the MSA as an “arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

According to Horowitz, angry responses and allegations targeting his organization’s advertisements are a regular occurrence. He alleged that editors at other college papers were intimidated by their surrounding communities and local MSA chapters, and refused the ads, which Horowitz called a violation of the first amendment.

“I am glad the Daily Nexus has chosen to run this ad because we really don’t have a free press in this country anymore,” Horowitz said. “Several college papers have chosen not to run it, including the Daily Collegian at Penn State and many others. The censorship of America’s college newspapers is a major issue of our time.”

Horowitz said the information included in his advertisement is backed by concrete research, including video documentation, recorded statements and investigative projects headed by himself and his colleagues.

Following a series of ads placed last April, the Daily Nexus received a stream of letters both defending and condemning the MSA and Horowitz. Additionally, over 80 UCSB faculty and staff members signed a petition, which appeared in the paper, urging the Daily Nexus to refrain from publishing “inflammatory” ads.

Horowitz cited his confrontation with MSA members at an on-campus lecture last year as the motive behind today’s advertisement.

“When I came to UCSB, 50 members of MSA and their president confronted me. I could not get them to condemn the genocidal agendas of Hamas and Hezbollah,” Horowitz said. “I consider that a serious issue. There are 100 MSAs that claim to be religious but are in fact political. This is an education campaign. It’s just trying to make people aware that there is a battle going around our nation.”

The MSA executive board also noted the negative impact of last year’s advertisements, particularly racist sentiment directed toward Muslims on campus. Husayn Hasan, MSA treasurer and a third-year political science and business economics major, said he was disappointed by the Daily Nexus’ decision to place the advertisement.

“I feel a little upset that the Nexus is printing this ad,” Hasan said. “At the same time, I recognize the power of free speech in this country and it is up to us to educate people in our country about these very issues.”

In a collective effort to counteract potential backlash, the MSA will hold a panel series addressing the issues of racism and the Horowitz advertisement. Hasan said students who wish to talk about the advertisement are invited to attend the MSA’s weekly meetings, Mondays at 6 p.m. at the Middle Eastern Student Resource Center in the Student Resource Building.

A Tale of Two Advertisements

 By Terrorism Awareness Project | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(Click here for a larger view of the advertisements)

The David Horowitz Freedom Center bought an advertisement (above left) in the UNW Post, school newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, to publicize Robert Spencer’s speech there on October 16 as part of Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III. On October 13 the ad appeared with an answering ad (above right) on the opposite page of the school there was a full page ad which was taken out by Muslim Students Association (MSA).

Students helping to put on Spencer’s speech at UWM claim that the Muslim Students Association was offered an advance look at the Freedom Center ad and that it was allowed to print its own response free of charge. (The words above the Freedom Center read "PAID ADVERTISEMENT". Above MSA's ad, they read "ADVERTISEMENT".)

In his letter to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee demanding an apology for the content of the MSA’s defamatory ad, Robert Spencer noted:

“The UWM Post required, as a precondition to running our ad for our Stop the Jihad On Campus effort, that the David Horowitz Freedom Center to provide documentation for every assertion made in it. Clearly the Post didn’t hold the MSA to the same standard, as it allowed the MSA to publish vile and empty invective -- calling me a “right wing hate monger” and making numerous false claims, such as that our Stop the Jihad On Campus week is an attempt by “right wing extremists to influence U.S. elections.

·         The MSA attacks me for suggesting that the world should resist Ahmadinejad. Apparently the MSA believes that free people should do nothing to resist the genocidal ambitions of a man who said that “accomplishment of a world without America and Israel is both possible and feasible.”

·         The MSA equates me the mass-murderer Osama bin Laden, who is responsible for the deaths of 3,000 people on September 11, 2001 – simply because I oppose bin Laden and am trying to make sure he doesn’t succeed again in bringing his monstrous plans to fruition. Apparently here again the MSA would prefer, since it does nothing to oppose the ideology that bin Laden propagates, that free people should remain mute and passive before this threat as well.

·         The MSA tries to smear me as a racist, while in reality, opposition to the genocidal and totalitarian ideology represented by the likes of bin Laden and Ahmadinejad is not a racial issue, as people of all races adhere to that ideology, and people of all races should oppose it.

·         The MSA asks if I have information about them that Homeland Security and the FBI don’t have. No, I don’t: both agencies have the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum in which the MSA is named as part of the Brotherhood’s “grand jihad” aimed at “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house” so that “Allah’s religion reigns supreme over other religions.”

·         The MSA claims that Sheikh Khalid Yasin did not call for the execution of gays, and claims the absence of a criminal complaint as evidence. But Yasin’s words were reported by witnesses and are in accord with Islamic law. Is the MSA willing, then, to go on record denying that Islamic law mandates execution for homosexuals, and to ask Yasin to retract his words?

·         The MSA tries to hide the genocidal anti-Semitic rhetoric of Abdel Malik-Ali and the UCLA MSA behind a barrage of accusations about Israel and the Palestinians – but none of these accusations will make the calls of “Death to the Jews,” which were widely witnessed, go away.

·         The MSA claims that I say that Muslims do not condemn terrorism. This is flatly false. I have written that Muslim groups in America “have condemned terrorism. Again and again.

It is a blot on the UMW Post’s record that they allowed this defamatory ad to be printed, apparently free of charge.”

Central Michigan University Failure to Protect Horowitz Unconstitutional

By Dennis Lennox | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When it heard that David Horowitz was coming to campus to speak as part of Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III, Central Michigan University officials required Campus Conservatives, the event's organizers, to pay hundreds of dollars to guarantee the safety of Horowitz, who has received death threats and been physically attacked at previous speaking engagements, and of the public attending the speech on radical Islamic terrorism.

"CMU is imposing unconstitutional restrictions on the right of students to freely express themselves and exchange ideas," said Campus Conservatives spokesman Dennis Lennox. "Students should be able to come together to discuss critical issues without having to pay hundreds of dollars to be safe from hooligans."

According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which sent a letter of warning to CMU President Michael Rao, the school’s stance is unconstitutional under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling from 1992. It also conflicts with past practice, as CMU has routinely provided campus police officers free of charge for security at events.

"It is ... unclear why CMU has decided to charge YAF for security now," FIRE wrote in its letter to Rao. "Perhaps the most likely explanation is that David Horowitz has a reputation as a controversial speaker and often provokes strong reactions from those that disagree with his political views."

"Forcing students to pay for the right to have a discussion on campus gives a veto to hecklers and thugs who was disrupt events in the university community," said FIRE. "These hooligans will be able to turn violent and shut down events because student organizers can't afford to pay for their safety."

Campus Conservatives contacted FIRE for assistance after CMU was unwilling to guarantee public safety at Horowitz's appearance on campus. He is scheduled to deliver a speech entitled "Stop the Jihad on Campus" at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Plachta Auditorium.

Campus Conservatives is the CMU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, which was founded in 1960 by the late William F. Buckley Jr. and is the country's oldest, largest and most active conservative youth organization. The YAF National Advisory Board includes Vice President Dick Cheney, former Vice President Dan Quayle, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Attorney General John Ashcroft and former U.S. Sen. George Allen.


Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week III is happening on over 75 campuses across the country and so have the attempts to suppress it.  I’m going to speak on several campuses.  Other speakers who’ll be on campus for the Freedom Center these next three weeks include Dick Morris, Daniel Pipes, author and scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom, former Muslim Nonie Darwish, and Middle East reporter Deborah Weiss.

As in the two Islamo-Fascism Awareness Weeks that preceded this one, our effort focuses on the global threat posed by the radical Islamic extremism that fuels the international jihad.  But over the past year, as we have attempted to make students aware of the goals of Islamo Fascism, we have become more aware of the “stealth” jihad taking place in our own country under the protection of our constitutional freedoms and civil liberties.  This movement is especially strong on our nation’s campuses, therefore, we have made the target of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week III: Stop the Jihad on Campus in general and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) in particular.

Hiding under the cover of the campus romance with “multiculturalism,” the MSA falsely presents itself as a religious/cultural organization representing all Muslims when in fact it is a hardcore radical political organization representing Muslims who support the jihad against the West and the destruction of the Jewish state. The MSA receives student funding under false pretenses and should be compelled to make its agendas clear or renounce the jihad and terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Aside from its imposture as a non-political organization, the MSA is also an opponent of free speech and is part of a nation-wide Islamo-fascist campaign to suppress the film Obsession. This campaign is spear-headed by organizations associated with the terrorist party Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and includes the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) in addition to the Muslim Students Association.

Here is a story from the North Carolina Daily Tar Heel about our protest on that campus. The story swallows the jihadist line that we are opposed to the MSA's funding because of its "radical ideas." This is a lie the jihadists have learned to tell from the American left whose strategy is to destroy its opponents by labeling them Islamophobic, racist and McCarthyite. The ideas of the MSA are reprehensible and morally disgusting. But this is a free country and they have a right to say what they want. But lying to student activities boards to get student funds is not a right. Presenting themselves as a religious group when they are political arm of the Islamo-fascist jihad against the West is a form of deception. Allowing them to get away with this endangers the lives and security of moderate Muslims who do not support the jihad, not to speak of the Christians, Jews and Atheists who are infidels and therefore in their path.

                         -- David Horowitz, President of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III: A Schedule of Events

American University:  October 23rd
Panel featuring Yaron Brook, Daniel Pipes, and Flemming Rose
“Totalitarian Islam and the Threat to Free Speech”
Sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute
Location – Ward One, Auditorium One
Time – 6:00 pm          

Arizona State: October 16th
Screening of “Obsession”
Location – TBA
Time – 7:30 pm

Brown University: October 16th
Speaker – David Horowitz
“Helping The Enemy To Win: Support for the Jihad on American Campuses”
Location – MacMillan 117
Time – 7:00 pm   

East Tennessee State University: October 29th
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Is Islam a Religion of Peace?”
Location – Rogers-Stout Building, Room 118
Time – 7:30 pm

Lehigh University: October 20th
Screening of “Obsession”
Location – TBA
Time – 7:30 pm

Lehigh University: October 23rd
Speaker – David Horowitz
“Helping The Enemy To Win: Support for the Jihad on American Campuses”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location: Packard Auditorium
Time: 7:30 pm

George Washington University: October 16th
Speaker – Nonie Darwish
Co-Sponsored by Young America’s Foundation
Location – Jack Morton Auditorium, in the School of Media and Public Affairs
Time – 7:00 pm

Penn State: October 13th
Screening of “Suicide Killers”
Location – 110 Wartik
Time – 7:30 pm

Penn State: October 14th
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – 108 Chalmers
Time – 7:30 pm

Penn State: October 15th
Screening of “Obsession”
Location – 201 Thomas
Time – 7:00 pm

Stonybrook University: October 23rd
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Student Union Ballroom
Time – 5:00 pm

Suny-Binghamton: October 28th
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Susquehana Room
Time - 8:30 pm

UC Berkeley: October 15th
Speaker – Wafa Sultan
"The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam"
Location – 60 Evans
Time – 7:45 pm

UC Berkeley – Boalt Law School: October 16th
Speaker – Daniel Pipes
"The Threat to Israel's Existence – Why It's Back, How to Deal with It"

UC Irvine: October 13th
Panel featuring Yaron Brook and Wafa Sultan
“Islamic Totalitarianism’s Threat to Civilization”
Sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute
Location – HIB (Humanities Instructional Building) 100
Time – 7:00 pm

University of Central Michigan: October 14th
Speaker – David Horowitz
“Helping The Enemy To Win: Support for the Jihad on American Campuses”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Plachta Auditorium
Time – 7:30 pm

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: October 13th
Screening of “Obsession”
Location – 104 Howell
Time – 7:00 pm

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: October 20th
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Gardner Hall, Room 105
Time – 7:00 pm

University of Pennsylvania: October 16th
Speaker – Dick Morris
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Steinberg Deitrich (SHDH) Room 350
Time – 7:30 pm

University of Scranton: October 21st
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Location – Denaples Theater
Time – 7:30 pm

University of South Florida: October 18th
Panel discussion featuring Tom Trento, Khalil Mohammed, and others from the Islamic Center for Peace
“Who’s Really Obsessed?”
Location – Marshall Student Center, Room 2708
Time – 6:00 pm

University of Texas, Arlington: October 21st
Speaker – David Horowitz
“Helping The Enemy To Win: Support for the Jihad on American Campuses”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Lonestar Theater
Time – 7:00 pm

University of Texas, Austin
Speaker – Jonathan Schanzer
“The Real Threat of Radical Islam & Islamo-Facsism”
Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Waggenor 101
Time – 7:00 pm

University of Virginia: October 15th
Speaker – David Horowitz
“Helping The Enemy To Win: Support for the Jihad on American Campuses”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Minor Hall Room 125
Time – 6:00 pm

University of Southern California: October 28th
Speaker – Andrew Bostom
“An Interactive Discussion on Antisemitism in Islam”
Event Co-Sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the ZOA, and the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
Location – Salvatori Computer Science Center, Room 101
Time – 7:00 pm

University of Wisconsin-Madison: October 15th
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Location – Great Hall in the UW Memorial Union
Time – 6:45 pm

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: October 16th
Speaker – Robert Spencer
“Jihad: What Muslims Say it Means – And Why it Matters”
Location – 150 Bolton Hall
Time – 7:30 pm          

Washington University in St. Louis: October 21st
Speaker – Daniel Pipes
“Vanquishing the Islamist Enemy and Helping the Moderate Muslim Ally”
Co-Sponsored by the Leadership Institute
Location – Lab Sciences Building, Room 300
Time – 9:00 pm


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