Student Guide to Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week II

Stop the Genocide”

(April 7-11, 2008)

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From October 22 to October 26, 2007, students on more than 100 campuses across the country hosted speakers, put on panels, conducted sit-ins and showed documentary films designed to alert campus communities to the global threat from Islamo-Fascism, and to protest the oppression of women in Islam. This spring, during the week of April 7-11, we will hold another week of consciousness-raising events. The purpose of this week and the campaign leading up to it will be: 1) To highlight the genocidal agendas of the Islamo-fascist crusade; and 2) To make the public aware of the “soft jihad” – the domestic networks that fund and provide political support for the agendas of the jihad, including its armies of terror. 

The core of the jihad is its intention to conquer and force into submission all religions and cultures which are not its own. It has absorbed the Nazi-virus of Jew-hatred and seeks as its first goal the obliteration of the Jewish state, but its agendas include the obliteration of Christian communities and all non-Muslim cultures as well.

The focus of our spring campaign will be the Declaration Against Genocide, which we will ask campus groups to sign. Specifically we are asking all campus groups to repudiate the genocidal passage within Islam’s sacred texts which reads: "The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: ‘The time [of judgment and resurrection] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!’" (Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985)

Christians have distanced themselves from far less ominous passages in their religious tradition because of the terrible consequences that have flowed from misguided beliefs. 

The terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah are Islamic parties who have dedicated themselves to the destruction of the Jews. We are asking campus groups to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations and to repudiate their Jew-hatred, including the Hamas charter which says: “Israel will exist and will continue to  exist until  Islam  will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” Signers of the Declaration will also be asked to condemn and repudiate the Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has said “The accomplishment of a world without America and Israel is both possible and feasible."

These are hateful doctrines that threaten the lives not only of Jews, but of Christians and secularists as well. While Israel is condemned as “the Little Satan,” America is targeted as “the Great Satan” – the incarnation of evil.  The genocidal hatred of Islamo-fascists is aimed at all Americans. 

We are therefore launching a “Stop the Genocide” campaign which will be the focus of our activities this spring and the theme of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week on April 7-11. During this campaign, we will be calling on campus groups to affirm the equal dignity of all men and women and the right of all people to live free from violence, intimidation, and coercion.

To carry out the campaign of education and awareness, we will:

  • Gather signatures for the Declaration Against Genocide. Ask campus groups to officially support it.
  • Host speakers on the topic of Islamo-Fascism and its genocidal agendas
  • Show documentaries and feature films including Islam versus Islam, Suicide Killers, Obsession and Path to 9/11
  • Hold memorials for the thousands of victims of Islamic radicals before and after 9/11
  • Distribute informational literature including the two pamphlets “Islamo-Fascism On Campus” and “Plan for Genocide” 

As the first Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week demonstrated, in the present campus climate this program is bound be controversial.  A coalition of groups with ties to the Islamo-fascist jihad are likely to protest this educational effort. This spring Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week will again test universities’ claims to be politically open and intellectually diverse. Once again our goal will be to refute the curriculum of the left, which teaches that America is the enemy in the war on terror and the terrorists are “freedom fighters,” and that any attempt to alert Americans to the dangers they face is “Islamo-phobia.” Once again our task will be to remind people that America is the only force in the world that has the power and the will to confront the threat of a global Islamo-Fascist state.

We expect that some universities will create impediments to the planned protests and events, refuse necessary permits or room reservations, and otherwise demonstrate their hypocrisy by failing to allow patriotic students a voice on campus.  We hope to be proven wrong, but past experience counsels otherwise. The David Horowitz Freedom Center will enlist lawyers and alumni to help student organizers fight these battles.

If you are looking for a challenge this spring, if you want to break through the barrier of politically-correct doublespeak that prevails on American campuses, if you want to help our brave troops who are fighting the jihadists abroad -- bring Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week to your campus this April. 

Agenda for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week II

April 7-11, 2008

Last year’s Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week focused on the oppression of women in Muslim society and Muslim nations. While this will be a concern of our spring events as well, the focus of our campaign will be the genocidal agendas of the global jihad and the support provided for those agendas by the soft jihad that is being waged on America’s campuses by domestic organizations that fund, support and run political interference for the armed jihadists abroad. 

For example, in October 2000, Ahmed Shama, who at that time was president of the Muslim Students Alliance chapter at UCLA, led a crowd at the Israeli consulate chanting "Death to Israel!" and "Death to the Jews!" In March 2003, Muhammad Faheed, a speaker at a meeting of the Muslim Students Association chapter at New York's Queensborough Community College, declared: "The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!" The Muslim Students Association was created by the Muslim Brotherhood, the spearhead of the Islamo-fascist jihad. It has solicited donations for an Islamic charity, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, that has been indicted for funneling contributions to the jihad terror group Hamas. Other examples can be found in Appendix II to this Guide.

Several of the proposed activities for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week are designed to provide an opportunity for the Muslim Students Association and other campus groups to dissociate themselves from the Islamo-Fascist jihad and its genocidal agendas. The centerpiece of our protest is the “Declaration Against Genocide” which repudiates genocidal pronouncements of the Islamic faith, and condemns genocidal Islamic organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. We are asking the Muslim Students Association and other campus groups -- Students for Justice in Palestine, the International Socialist Organization, the College Democrats, the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Worker Student Alliance, peace groups and civil rights groups  -- to sign the “Declaration Against Genocide” which explicitly condemns these genocidal statements and the terrorist activities of jihadist groups. 


Schedule of Events


In the month of February we will publish the Declaration Against Genocide and ask student groups to sign it. Campus coordinators will take copies of the Declaration to the leaders of student groups and ask for their support. Flyers with the Declaration will be posted on campus and an ad containing the text will be published in campus papers. 


In the month of March students will announce the groups that refused to support the Declaration, and challenge them to publicly explain themselves. Students will distribute and post on campus – the “Islamo-Fascist Movement in America” – a flyer prepared by the Horowitz Freedom Center. Students will  also distribute the booklet “Islamo-Fascism on Campus” which the Freedom Center will make available and which describes in detail the support for jihad by campus groups. Showings of the film Obsession will accompany these activities.

April 7-11: 

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week 

This week will consist of any one or several of the following elements:

  • A public signature drive for The Declaration Against Genocide
  • A keynote speaker on Islamo-Fascism and its genocidal agendas
  • A panel on:
    • The nature and goals of the Islamic jihad, or
    • Iran’s nuclear ambitions, or
    • The campaign to annihilate the Jewish state, or
    • The war on Christians in the Middle East
  • A showing of Suicide Killers, Obsession, or Islam v. Islamists or the ABC mini-series The Path to 9/11
  • A “sit-in” outside the offices of the Muslim Students Association or in the Student Activities Center if the MSA and other groups refuse to sign the Declaration Against Genocide  
  • A memorial service for the victims of Islamo-Fascist violence around the world.

Some student organizers will be eager to host several of these suggested events on campus, combining them into a week-long teach-in program. Others may feel that their time only permits one or two events. Whatever your schedule, we encourage you to participate in Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week and the “Stop the Genocide” campaign to the extent that you are able. Even hosting a film screening can go a long way towards waking up a campus to the threat we face. 

To advertise Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, we have created a flyer picturing Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the legend “Stop The Genocide” across the top and a quote from Ahmadinejad in which he encourages the destruction of both America and Israel. We recommend that you paper the campus with these flyers several times in the weeks leading up to Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, and during the Week itself. The flyer can be downloaded from our website,

To ensure that your participation in Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week and the “Stop the Genocide” campaign gets the greatest media exposure and attention possible, we strongly encourage you to appoint a communications director/press secretary whose job it will be to attract campus and local media attention. Communications directors will also work directly with our office to promote these events. Current information on the Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week events will be posted at 

It is important for each student group to request funds from Student Activities funds to support Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. Even if the request is denied, the battle over these funds will focus attention on the political message of the protests and will generate publicity for the events themselves.

The Time Frame:

It is not necessary to confine the events strictly to the April 7-11 time frame. We will begin the signature drives for The Declaration Against Genocide in March. A showing of The Path to 9/11 could be scheduled for the week or weekend before as part of the build-up to the official “Week” and be included in the menu of events associated with the week. A noted speaker could be scheduled for the week before or after and be associated with its events.

Other Groups: 

If there are other groups on campus who share your agendas, form a coordinating committee to plan the events and deal with the media. As long as a screening or speaker is billed as part of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, a group may sponsor an event under its own auspices. Thus a campus College Republican club or Hillel could sponsor a panel or speaker on a subject related to Islamo-Fascism under its own auspices so long as it is willing to have it billed as part of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. 

Signature Drive for The Declaration Against Genocide: 

Among the materials we have provided for Islamo-Fascism Awareness campaign is a Declaration Against Genocide which documents the Islamo-fascists plans to destroy the state of Israel and the United States and calls on all campus political, cultural, ethnic and religious groups to oppose all forms of religious supremacism, violence and intimidation and to repudiate statements made by the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and other jihadi groups which call for the murder of all infidels and the destruction of the Jews. 

We encourage you to make a specific effort to bring this statement to your student government and to campus cultural and political groups and to ask the individuals belonging to these groups to sign it. This should be done in February and March in advance of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.  If they refuse, ask them why they would refuse to sign a statement in support of basic human rights. Keep a record of the responses that you get and consider publicizing them during the Week. 

A signature drive is an excellent protest tactic for several reasons. First, it is a very easy and cost-effective way to draw attention to the issues at hand. Second, the Declaration can serve as an advertisement for other events, such as film screenings and panel discussions (when you ask students to sign the Declaration, hand them a flyer about the other activities you have planned throughout the week). Perhaps most importantly, the Declaration forces students and faculty to declare their allegiances: either to fighting our terrorist adversaries or failing to take action to stop our enemies. 

The text of the Declaration is available both as an appendix to this Guide and at our website at

What you need to do: Set up a table in a central location on campus and urge students to sign the Declaration. Make a special effort to approach specific groups on campus such as your student government and student political and cultural organizations to ask that they sign. If they refuse, issue a press release criticizing their refusal to condemn Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitism.

Pamphlets and Flyers

Declaration Against Genocide (flyer)

The Islamo-Fascist Movement in America (flyer)

Plan for Genocide (pamphlet)

Islamo-Fascism on Campus (pamphlet)


One of the simplest ways to take part in Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week and the “Stop the Genocide” campaign on your campus is to screen a film about Islamic radicals and their violent intentions toward America and its citizens. The David Horowitz Freedom Center and its Terrorism Awareness Project (TAP) will provide several films which can be screened on your campus during Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week and will also provide you with sample posters advertising the screening and talking points on each film. We encourage you to show more than one of these films on your campus during the Week. We will provide organizers with a DVD copy of each movie that you plan to screen free of charge. 

We also encourage you to invite a local radio host or other local figure to introduce the film and possibly moderate a discussion on it afterwards. A film screening can be combined with a panel discussion (see below). 


Suicide Killers

Description: French-Algerian filmmaker Pierre Rehov risks his life to interview terrorists carrying out suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.  Pierre speaks with the terrorists and their families in the Palestinian areas, visits terrorist training camps, interviews convicted suicide bombers (obviously they failed to carry out their missions) inside Israeli jails, and interviews their Jewish and Arab victims.  This astounding documentary shows first-hand that terrorists are created not by Israeli or American foreign policy, but by the repression, lack of democratic freedom, and poverty of Arab societies.  A must-see for anyone who wishes to understand the sources of Islamic terrorism: Islamic societies themselves.  

The Path to 9/11 (longer film—may require two nights for screening)

Description: This controversial ABC miniseries dramatizes the 1993 World Trade Center attack and the events leading up to the terrorist attack of September 11th.  Due to pressure from Bill Clinton and his supporters, ABC was forced to edit out several crucial scenes before the broadcast.  While this miniseries may never be released, we are lucky to have the full, unedited version intended for broadcast on DVD.


Description: The acclaimed documentary Obsession uses unique footage from Arab television to create an ‘insiders’ view of the hatred Islamic radicals are teaching in the Middle East, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film features interviews with Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Alan Dershowitz, a former PLO terrorist, and even a former Hitler Youth commander.

Islam: What the West Needs to Know

Using original interviews, citations from Islamic texts, Islamic artwork, computer-animated maps, footage of Western leaders, and Islamic television broadcasts, Islam: What the West Needs to Know reveals the roots of the violent, expansionist ideology of Al-Qaeda and other Islamic jihadist groups, showing how they seek the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government. In so doing, this presentation paves the way for courageous Islamic reformers to confront and formulate a new approach to the Islamic teachings that the jihadists exploit.

Islam v. Islamists



Description: The acclaimed documentary Obsession uses unique footage from Arab television to create an ‘insiders’ view of the hatred Islamic radicals are teaching in the Middle East, their incitement of global jihad, and their goal of world domination. The film features interviews with Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Alan Dershowitz, a former PLO terrorist, and even a former Hitler Youth commander.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and its Terrorism Awareness Project will provide a copy of each film you plan to screen on DVD, posters advertising the event (you will fill in date/time/place), a summary of talking points, and an authorization form allowing you to screen the film.

What you need to do: Reserve a room to show the film and publicize the screening on campus. Sample posters will be provided by the Terrorism Awareness Project (TAP) and posted at Request a copy of the DVD from Jeffrey Weiner at 800-752-6562, ext. 206 or at  Consider co-sponsoring a screening with your campus Hillel chapter or with the College Democrats or other groups. This will help to increase your audience and you can suggest that a panel discussion follow the film that will debate the points-of-view offered. 

Panel Discussions and Speakers: 

Hosting a panel discussion on campus is an excellent way to reach out to the broader campus community. By including a diverse array of views on your panel, you will make attendance more appealing to campus groups that disagree with you and will silence critics who claim that you are not interested in a real debate on these controversial issues.  

If you want to bring in a non-local speakers or someone prominent who charges a speaking fee, you should first apply to your student government to request funds. Even if you suspect that the student government will turn down your request for political reasons, you should still take this step, as it will prove the hypocrisy of your university’s claim to be committed to intellectual diversity and academic freedom.  

You should also apply to groups like Young America’s Foundation and the Leadership Institute to request help in funding a speaker for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.  We can direct you to contacts within these organizations who can explain the application process to you.

Consider co-sponsoring a screening with your campus Hillel chapter or with the College Democrats or other groups who have an interest in this topic. Encourage them to invite speakers to participate in the panel who will take an opposing view. By pooling funding, you can bring in more prominent speakers and the event will gain greater legitimacy from the diversity of viewpoints offered. 

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and its program, the Terrorism Awareness Project (TAP), will provide help in obtaining speakers and moderators, materials such as films and pamphlets, and general assistance.  Contact Jeffrey Weiner at 800-752-6562, ext. 206 or at 

What you need to do:  First, consider which local personalities and local think tanks you may draw on for help and speakers. Local radio show hosts and professors at your university or at neighboring universities are good options. Approach other organizations on campus such as the College Democrats and Hillel about co-sponsoring the event. Book a room, confirm the time and date with all participants, and publicize the event on campus through posters and press releases to campus and local media. 

Panel Discussion Topics:

“What Is Islamo-Fascism?”

“The War on Christians in the Middle East”

“The Campaign to Annihilate the Jewish State”

Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

 (For a list of suggested speakers, consult or contact Jeffrey Weiner at 800-752-6562, ext. 206 or at

An attempt should be made to hold these panels on every campus that is hosting a full teach-in, but additional panel ideas are welcome.

Keynote Speakers:

Inviting a big-name speaker to deliver a keynote address on the subject of Islamic terrorism or the War on Terror is another excellent way to draw attention to Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

As with hosting a panel discussion, first apply to your student government for funds to bring in a prominent speaker. If they refuse, protest the university’s lack of commitment to intellectual diversity in campus speakers and programs. Consider co-sponsoring a speaker with other campus groups that have a stake in these issues. 

If your planned speaker has recently authored a book, see if you can get copies from your campus bookstore and hold a book-signing either before or after the event. 

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and its Terrorism Awareness Project can suggest potential speakers on these topics who are local to your area.

What you need to do: Secure funding for a speaker and invite a knowledgeable authority on issues of terrorism to speak. Approach other organizations on campus such as the College Democrats and Hillel about co-sponsoring the event. Book a room, arrange for security if necessary, confirm the time and date with all participants, and publicize the event on campus through posters and press releases to campus and local media. 

Campus Sit-Ins:

To protest the refusal of campus groups to sign the Declaration (in the event that they refuse to sign the Declaration) we recommend holding a “sit-in” at the offices of your campus Student Activities Center. 

A sit-in may serve as a prelude to a later film screening or panel discussion that same evening, and can be a means of advertising other events during Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. 

What you need to do: Alert us that you are holding a sit-in, send out a press release announcing the sit-in to campus and local media, set a time and place for the sit-in (ensuring that you will not obstruct university operations) and recruit students to take part in the protest. 

Please note: Sit-ins should not obstruct university operations or violate university rules. We encourage you to station yourselves in a public area (directly outside the office of the Student Activities Center) and to set a start and end time for the protest.

Informational materials

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and its Terrorism Awareness Project will provide the pamphlets Plan for Genocide and Islamo-Fascism on Campus profiling the activities in support of the Islamic jihad by more than a dozen Muslim Student Associations. 

Sample protest signs and signs advertising the demonstration and a sample press release that you can adapt to your campus and send to your campus media will also be provided.

Also available at are the following flash and YouTube videos which can be posted on campus websites or projected on a screen with the proper AV equipment: The Islamic Mein Kampf, What Really Happened in the Middle East, What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad, The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam and Jimmy Carter’s War Against The West.

Memorial Service:

It is impossible to discuss the threat of Islamic terror without remembering those who have already been its victims. With this in mind, an important component of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is holding a memorial service for the American and international victims of Islamic terror who lost their lives in the 1993 and 2001 World Trade Center attacks, the attacks on the USS Cole and Khobar Towers, the African embassies, the Pentagon, and other instances around the world.

We will provide flyers and literature documenting the atrocities Islamic terrorists are responsible for around the globe.

What you need to do: Plan a time and date for the memorial service, bring literature provided by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and its Terrorism Awareness Project, consider lighting candles (one candle can represent 100 terror victims) or setting up crosses or use other means of representing those who have died at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Publicize the memorial service on campus and ask key university officials to attend.

How to Get Involved:

To participate in Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week or to register as a TAP Coordinator, please contact Jeffrey Wiener at the David Horowitz Freedom Center at 800-752-6562, ext. 206 or at

Appendix I: Declaration Against Genocide 

Declaration Against Genocide

Whereas genocide – the murder, or plan to murder, an entire people – is a crime against all humanity; 

Whereas genocide is a crime that has metastasized in the modern era, leading to the murders of millions of Armenians, Cambodians, Tutsis, Sudanese Christians, Albanian Muslims and others; 

Whereas the largest and most devastating genocide on record is the Holocaust of European Jews; 

Whereas a new genocide of the Jews is being prepared by Islamo-fascists in the Arab Middle East;

Whereas global forces are being mobilized by the Iranian regime to eliminate the Jewish state; 

Whereas the genocide of the Jews is called for in Islamic sacred texts and echoes through sermons in the mosques today, and is proclaimed by leaders of the Islamic religion; 

Whereas Catholicism and other Christian denominations have condemned the Holocaust and repudiated anti-Jewish pronouncements that have stained their religious past; 

We call on all Student Governments and campus Muslim groups to:

Condemn and repudiate the Hadith which reads: "The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time [of judgment] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!" (Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985)

Condemn and repudiate the Hamas Charter which says: “Israel will exist and will continue  to  exist  until  Islam  will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it”

Condemn Ahmadinejad who has said “The accomplishment of a world without America and Israel is both possible and feasible."

Condemn  Hezbollah and its leader Hassan Nassrallah who has said:  

"The Jews are a cancer which is liable to spread again at any moment."

"There is no solution to the conflict except with the disappearance of Israel."

“If they all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”


The right of all people to live in freedom and dignity

The freedom of the individual conscience: to change religions or have no religion at all

The equal dignity of women and men

The right of all people to live free from violence, intimidation, and coercion

We call upon all campus political, cultural, ethnic and religious groups to stand with us in opposing all forms of religious supremacism, violence and intimidation.

Appendix II: The Muslim Students Association

Established in January 1963 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada, or MSA (also known as MSA National) currently has chapters on nearly 600 college campuses (including more than 150 chapters affiliated with the national organization) across North America. (The relationship between MSA National and the individual university chapters is not a fixed hierarchy, but rather a loose connection. Thus the policies and views of the national organization may differ from those of some of the local chapters.) MSA is the most visible and influential Islamic student organization in North America. Offshoots of MSA include the Islamic Medical Association, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, the Islamic Circle of North America, and the Islamic Society of North America.

The Muslim Students Association was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was identified in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum as one of the Brotherhood's likeminded "organizations of our friends."

 These "friends" were described by the Brotherhood as groups that could help teach Muslims "that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands ... so that ... God's religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions."

From its inception, MSA had close links to the extremist Muslim World League, whose chapters' websites have featured not only Osama bin Laden's propaganda, but also publicity-recruiting campaigns for Wahhabi subversion of the Chechen struggle in Russia. According to Muslim author Stephen Schwartz, MSA is a key lobbying organization for the Wahhabi sect of Islam.

MSA has solicited donations for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, whose assets the U.S. government seized in December 2001 because that organization was giving financial support to the terrorist group Hamas. MSA also has strong ties to the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

Charging that U.S. foreign policy is driven by militaristic imperialism, MSA steadfastly opposes the American military incursions into both Afghanistan and Iraq. The organization also follows the Arab propaganda line in the Middle East conflict and hs condemned the anti-terrorist security fence that Israel has built in the West Bank is an illegal "apartheid wall" that violates the civil and human rights of Palestinians.

MSA is an influential member of the pro-North Korea, pro-Saddam International ANSWER steering committee, MSA maintains a large presence at ANSWER-sponsored demonstrations. ANSWER is a front organization of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. At a March 15, 2003 anti-war rally in San Francisco, MSA representatives manned several booths where they displayed and distributed anti-Israel publications, banners, and placards. Many of these items contained the word "Israel" with the "s" replaced by a swastika; others likened a swastika to the Star of David.

Local chapters of MSA were signatories to a February 20, 2002 document, composed by the radical group Refuse & Resist (a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party), condemning military tribunals and the detention of immigrants apprehended in connection with post-9/11 terrorism investigations. The document read, in part: "[T]hey [the U.S. government] are coming for the Arab, Muslim and South Asian immigrants. … The recent 'disappearances,' indefinite detention, the round-ups, the secret military tribunals, the denial of legal representation, evidence kept a secret from the accused, the denial of any due process for Arab, Muslim, South Asians and others, have chilling similarities to a police state."

MSA strongly opposes the Patriot Act, which it describes as an "infamous" piece of legislation. The organization's chapters across the United States have similarly denounced virtually every other national security initiative implemented by the U.S. government since the 9/11 attacks. 

MSA chose not to endorse or participate in the May 14, 2005 "Free Muslims March Against Terror," an event whose stated purpose was to "send a message to the terrorists and extremists that their days are numbered ... [and to send] a message to the people of the Middle East, the Muslim world and all people who seek freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence that we support them."

Noteworthy news items related to MSA include the following: 

On October 22, 2000, Ahmed Shama, then-president of the UCLA Muslim Students' Association, led a crowd of demonstrators at the Israeli consulate in chants of "Death to Israel!" and "Death to the Jews!" One guest speaker at the event was Hamid Ayloush, a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which co-sponsored the rally. In his speech, Ayloush solicited contributions for the aforementioned Holy Land Foundation.

At a January 21, 2001 MSA event, guest speaker Imam Abdul Alim Musa declared: "If you were to say that the Soviet Union [would be] wiped off the face of the earth … people would have thought you were crazy, right? The people of Afghanistan didn't have the intellect or historical knowledge to know that they wasn't supposed to wipe out the Soviet Union, is that right? … We saw the fall of one so-called superpower; Old Sam [the U.S.] is next."

In recent years, MSA members at UCLA raised money for Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists at their annual "Anti-Zionist Week."

In March 2003, speaker Muammad Faheed told an MSA meeting at Queensborough Community College in New York, "The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!"

At its Annual Conference in 2003, the Iowa Muslim Student Association invited, as a guest speaker, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, who had told a college audience in 1994, "I am a supporter of the Hamas movement."

The University of Southern California MSA invited Taliban ambassador Sayyid Hashimi to speak on campus six months before 9/11.

The MSA chapter at California State University Northridge held a fundraiser for Islamic Relief, an organization that received a $50,000 contribution from a pro- Osama bin Laden front group based in Canada.

In 2002, James Madison University's MSA sponsored a "Jihad" panel that included Dr. Abdulrahman Hijazi, who had once extolled an Islamic suicide bomber as a "martyr" whose actions were animated by a hope of securing "the mercy of Allah" by means of "one of the greatest good deeds, which is jihad."

In 2003, University of Idaho MSA President Sami Omar Al-Hussayen was ordered deported because he worked for the Islamic Assembly of North America, which has ties to al Qaeda. While on campus, Al-Hussayen had sought access to a chemical lab containing nuclear material

A notable former member of MSA is Asan Akbar, an American Muslim extremist who attended the MSA-controlled student mosque at the University of California, Davis. After college, Akbar joined the U.S. Army and, in the early hours of March 23, 2003, he intentionally detonated a grenade amidst sleeping members of his 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division stationed in Kuwait -- killing two and wounding fifteen. Not long before this incident, Akbar, who had been reprimanded for insubordination, reportedly had told his mother that he felt the military was persecuting him because he was a Muslim.

Though the oppression and abuse of women is widespread throughout the Muslim world, in 2007 MSA published a brochure stating the following about Islam and women's rights:

"Today people think that women are liberated in the West and that the women's liberation movement began in the 20th century. Actually, the women's liberation movement was not begun by women but was revealed by God to a man in the seventh century by the name of Muhammad … The Qur'an and the Traditions of the Prophet (Hadith or Sunnah) are the sources from which every Muslim woman derives her rights and duties. … Islam, fourteen centuries ago, made women equally accountable to God in glorifying and worshipping Him -- setting no limits on her moral progress. Also, Islam established a woman's equality in her humanity with men. … In Islam, a woman has the basic freedom of choice and expression based on recognition of her individual personality. … The Muslim woman was given a role, duties and rights 1400 years ago that most women do not enjoy today, even in the West."

This is propaganda in behalf of oppression and typifies the role that the Muslim Student Association has played in the clash between

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