Rick Santorum: Is the average American going to be afraid of a guy living in a cave, we haven’t seen in six years -- that he’s going to destroy the United States of America? No.

There was a story that General Franks, Tommy Franks, told me soon after the war. He told me that about a year after the attacks of 9/11, he had an opportunity to be with the President. The President, for the first year or so after the war, would on occasion refer to the terrorists as cowards. He would call them cowards. And General Franks had an opportunity to talk to the President; said, “Mr. President, you know, you refer to these terrorists as cowards.” He said, “Mr. President, they may be many things, but they are not cowards. These are people who are willing to die for what they believe in. So they are not cowards. But more importantly, by calling them cowards, you tell the American public something very wrong.” Who is afraid of a coward? Who believes a coward will defeat us?

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Statement Calling on Feminists to End Their Silence on the Oppression of Women in IslamSep 27, 2007

The Islamic world has never known a Renaissance, Reformation or Enlightenment.

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Islamism and Fascism: Dare to CompareJul 4, 11:39 AM

On Tuesday of last week, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) entered the fray over the Bush Administration's description of the enemy as "Islamic fascism."

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April 19: Islamo-Fascism Awareness DayMar 25, 06:26 PM

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What Americans Need To Know About JihadJan 24, 2007

1. The long term goal of jihad is world domination – a global islamic state under islamic law.

Jihad is not, as some Western apologists claim, simply a striving for individual perfection.

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