Welcome to the Terrorism Awareness website, the nerve center of a national Terrorism Awareness Project to wake up Americans - and particularly American college students - to the threat we face.

In a rational world, there shouldn't have to be a Terrorism Awareness Project. Not after the slaughter of 9/11 and the clear message that this was just the beginning of what the jihadis had in store for us. And a Terrorism Awareness Project certainly shouldn't have to be focused on college campuses, which ought to be the intellectual spear point in the defense of our nation. But the sad truth is that America generally is sleepwalking through the war on Terror and our universities are doing something even worse: allowing an unholy alliance to form between the forces of terror and the forces of anti Americanism. Radicals on campus --and radicals continue to define the campus, as they have since the 1960s -- may deny that they actively support terror, but they admit that they believe that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Since their enemy is America, the terrorist is their friend. This is why we have launched a Terrorism Awareness Project: to publicize and combat activities on campus ranging from the propaganda of pro-terrorist front groups such as the International Solidarity Movement to curricular distortions of disciplines such as Peace Studies.

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Evidence of Hamas' Cowardice and Abuse of the Laws of War - VideoAug 13, 2009

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A Jewish state threatens all humanity: Official PA news agencyAug 10, 2009

From Palestinian Media Watch

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Jew-Hate at Jewish Film FestivalJul 23, 2009

Organizers of San Francisco Jewish Film Festival plan screening of anti-Israeli propaganda film and speech by anti-Israeli activist.

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Muslim mob in Michigan surrounds and attacks ChristiansJul 07, 2009

Remember, this is happening in America.

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The Real Face of HamasJun 17, 2009

Killing their own people.

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